Welcome to FabStation, the future of steel fabrication!

Welcome to FabStation, the future of steel fabrication!

We are excited to present our cutting-edge AR technology at the upcoming NASCC 2023 Steel Conference – please come and visit us at booth 846.

Our company utilizes augmented reality through the HoloLens 2 headset to overlay perfect 3D models onto your assemblies, ensuring no mistakes and reducing inspection time by 50% over traditional methods. Our technology can overlay your detailers model to within 1/16″ accuracy.

Already adopted by the biggest names in the industry, we aim to reduce beam rework to zero and prevent mistakes from getting to site in the first place. Our advanced software allows for real-time identification of any flaws such as missing parts, incorrect part orientation, near-side / far-side confusion which ensures the final product is perfect every time.

FabStation’s technology has been extensively tested. Our trained customers can load the program, align the model and identify any issues in less than 3 minutes. This results in a significant time savings for quality control inspectors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see our technology in action at the NASCC 2023 steel conference. Augmented reality technology can revolutionize the way you approach steel fabrication. Visit us at booth 846 and experience it for yourself. Our team is excited to meet you and discuss how we can help you achieve your project goals.

Reach out to us here to book in a call before the conference.

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