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In this article, you can learn how to: add, edit and delete an employee within Employee section of the FabStation Web Portal.

To add a new employee: 

1. Select “EMPLOYEES” > “New Employee from the menu.

2. The Employee Management form will open up with fields to add the employee data into the FabStation software.

  • Full Name – Enter the employee’s full name
  • Email – put the employee email if you want them to receive notification about projects being processed and ready to use. 
  • Role – Select which role best suits the employee being added. Learn more about role permissions here.
  • Important info – Allows the creator to add any information desired about employees in the system
  • Username – Enter a unique FabStation username for this employee. If a username has already been used, you will receive a message.
  • Password – Enter a password for this user

3. Click on “Create New User”.

To add a new employee: 

1. Select “EMPLOYEES” > “Employees” from the menu.

   A list of all employees will be displayed. 

2. To edit employee’s details, click on the edit button  beside the employee entry in the table.

3. Edit information within employee management form: 

Changing Employee Password

If you need to change your or another employee password, you can do it in the same “Employee Management” field of the user that requires password change

Simply type the new password in the dedicated field and click on “Save”. 

The change is immediate, and the user will be able to log in with a new password right away. 

To add a new employee: 

1. Select “EMPLOYEES” > “Employees” from the menu.

2. To delete en employee, click on the red cross button ❌ beside an employee details on the table.  

3. Before the employee is permanently deleted, there will be a message to confirm the action. Click “OK” to proceed with deleting the employee. 

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