The Future of Steel Fabrication

Introducing our flagship product, FabStation-STEEL: a groundbreaking augmented reality software designed to revolutionize steel fabrication. Our cutting-edge technology brings 3D models onto the shop floor, enabling unparalleled visualization and enhanced quality control.

Use Cases

  • Our tablet application gives fabricators access to 2D drawings, 3D models and the ability to project the model into the work environment
  • RFI reduction – 80% less fabricator requests for information as they have access to the 3D models and no longer need to fire questions at the detailer.
  • 40% increase in apprentice productivity
  • Sanity checks – overlaying the perfect 3D model on to the assembly enables fabricators to immediately spot basic errors such as missing parts, incorrect part orientation, bad angles, parts placed on the wrong side and material thickness. This reduces fabricator rework by 95%.
  • Inspectors can utilize the Microsoft HoloLens for 1/16” accuracy
  • Reduce steel inspection times by 50% without pulling a tape measure
  • See your assembly overlaid with your detailers 3D model
  • Visually compare each element’s location and orientation against the model to complete your quality check
  • Go paperless – with all the drawing and steel inspection software available on a tablet, the production process can now become paperless.
  • Stopping one mistake getting to site will achieve ROI for the year.
  • Detailers design in 3D and pass the information to the factory in 2D. This causes the factory workers to ask the detailer lots of questions, especially on complex projects. Our steel software provides the factory with the detailer’s 3D models to avoid these time-wasting scenarios.
  • Easy export of the 3D IFC files for users of Tekla Structures, SDS2 or Advanced Steel detailing software.

Hololens 2

Our proprietary Mixed Reality technology will optimize your training, comprehension, and inspection capabilities.
Hololens 2’s mixed reality 3D model overlay acts like a visual template.
Accurate to within 1/16 or 1.5 mm when properly calibrated.
Increase accuracy and decrease checking time with visual inspection.
Train your apprentice steel fabricators faster with accelerated drawing comprehension.
Companion mode lets you control the HoloLens from a paired tablet.

Tablet App

Built to fit into your regular workflow and offers a toolset that will speed up your production cycle.
Pre-fab walk-through helps you understand your build faster, leading to increased efficiency.
Complete steel fabrication data at your fingertips. Digital part and assembly drawings, 3D viewer within a project context.
Intuitive design with machine like buttons and ease of use makes the app vital for the shop floor.
Production reporting and tracking built into the workflow enables real-time tracking without sacrificing efficiency.


2x Faster
10x Accuracy


95% Less Rework
1.4x Apprentice

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Our adoption process takes less than 2 hours in total. Online training with your own Customer Success Manager is provided as part of your subscription. The 20-minute bite sized guides and videos are scheduled for your users over the first 15 days by which time they’ll be an expert.

The aluminum QR code, placed with a specific orientation, acts as a tool to bring in your 3D model. The QR code brings in the model to 85% accuracy and the remaining 15% can be aligned using the tablet controls.

The same QR code is used on every assembly. The user can select which 3D model they wish to overlay on the tablet.

A simple assembly will take less than 2 minutes to align and 1-2 minutes to complete your quality control inspection.

A complex assembly will take less than 4 minutes to align and 2-3 minutes to complete your quality control inspection.

Using traditional methods, a complex project can take an inspector 15 minutes to over an hour to inspect. Reducing this to a maximum of 7 minutes is a huge time save whilst eliminating drawing interpretation errors.

Legend has it that the FabStation team were amidst a poker game when realizing that the HoloLens accuracy saw a bump in accuracy.

In reality, the playing cards were used as spatial anchors during product testing and the video you’ve seen is a little outdated. Nowadays, we supply our customers with unique feature magnets that helps the HoloLens differentiate between the grey steel and the grey shop floor and act as spatial anchors to boost accuracy.

We require KSS, PDF and IFC files. Through our partnerships and plugins, these files can be exported by your detailers in seconds and imported into our web portal using a simple drag and drop.

FabStation is subscription-based software. We price per device with unlimited access to the web-portal. The system is customizable and there is no minimum or maximum number of devices that can be deployed.

We simply provide the software. The hardware can be purchased directly with Apple or Microsoft.

FabStation is compatible with Tekla, SDS2 and Advanced Steel.

Coming soon: SolidWorks and Inventor

FabStation proudly boasts an accuracy of 1/16” over 30 feet / 1.5mm over 10m.

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