Login FabStation App

In this article, you will learn how to log in into FabStation App, and see some basic information on the App Home page. 

1. Make sure you have FabStation App installed, and the hardware is registered in the FabStation web portal. 2. Go to  and click on “Sync Device” button to sync the tablet with the FabStation software and download the latest updates.
Login 1

3. When the device is synced, go back to the login screen on the app using the arrow < in the top left corner.

When the sync is complete, the Username drop-down will be populated with all registered system users.

1. Select the desired user from a drop-down and enter the appropriate password.


2. Press the login button.  

You will then see the Checking for Content screen.  This will download all relevant data to your device and may take some time.


3. Once data is downloaded, you will be reverted back to the login screen. Please click on “Login” again.

If your network connection is unstable or your device goes to sleep, the download process may be interrupted.  If this occurs, restart the app and press the Sync Device button when it opens, and then login as described.

Once the login process is done, tablet home screen will be displayed. 

Here, you can see the following:

1. Assembly actions:

2. Select the project and assembly to work with. Refer to Selecting an Assembly for more information.

3. Login Screen, which allows to login as a different user.

4. Dashboard to view the FabStation project dashboard.

5. Settings with the following options:
  • Sync Device after changes;
  • Check device name and MAC address;
  • Check your current device version;
  • Send Logs;
  • Reset Cache.

Reset Cache button is an excellent tool to clear your app data. 

Settings on the app homepage

When you keep using FabStation software, the info is stored within the app, and it’s a good idea to reset cache from time to time. However, please mind that you need to Sync Device every time the cache was reset.


Sync Device may need some time to process, depending on the project size and quantity.

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