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In this article, you can learn how to: addeditdelete and deactivate a project within the Projects area of the Web Portal.

To create a new project:

1. Select  “PROJECTS” > “New Project”  from the web portal menu.  

Adding a new project

2. Add/select the following information from the Project management form:

  • Project Name – Enter the Projet Name to be displayed on all devices
  • Project Description – Enter any details about the project that may be relevant
  • Unit for Project – Select “Imperial” or “Metric”. This will apply to the weights and lengths of the assemblies


3. Click on “Register New Project”.

When the project is created, you will also need to upload the files from your detailer. Learn more about it here.

To modify an existing project: 

1. Select  “PROJECTS” > “Projects”  from the web portal menu.  

   A list of all projects will be displayed.

2. Locate the project to edit and click on the “Edit”button 

The Project Management form will be displayed with the current project information.

3. Edit the desired fields and then click on “Update Project”.

To modify an existing project: 

1. Select  “PROJECTS” > “Projects”  from the web portal menu.  

2. Click on the red cross ❌ button beside the project in the table.


Once deleted, the project and all files will be removed from the FabStation software. It is recommended to use the de-activate feature to clean up older projects.

To deactivate an existing project: 

1. Select  “PROJECTS” > “Projects”  from the web portal menu.  

2. Click on the slider

   The slider will turn grey to indicate the project is no longer active.

All hardware will be updated and the project and files will be removed from devices. 

All project data will still be stored on the FabStation servers.

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