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Tools menu in AR

  Start/Continue Mapping. You will need this button if you didn’t map the area initially, or didn’t map the full area you need, and want to expand your current working area. 

 Clear Map & Start Remapping. This option is useful when you want to clear your map (to work on the opposite side of the assembly, align an assembly by section etc.) as it will completely erase your current map and will allow you to map a zone again. 

 Recalibrate. It will remove the current 3D model and show the pop-up to rescan the QR code anew. 

Fix Orientation. If the model is completely out of place, and you are not sure  how to fix it, this option will do a hard reset and set up the 3D model and bring it back to the QR code. 

Measure. This tool will allow you to measure the distance between 2 points on the same assembly.

Assembly info will be helpful to know the part name. For the Inventor/Revit and Solid Works files, it will also show weight and some other details if they are present on the model. 

  1. Dimensions are taken from the design model and are true to scale. To be used for reference only.
  2. Yellow points appearing after the 1st point is selected indicate the edge of the material in relation to the 1st point.

Measure in Auto-Fab|Auto-QC (HoloLens)

Measure tool, that was previously only available within the 3D Viewer, is available within Auto-Fab now. It will allow you to identify the dimensions set up by the designer for the model. Also, your actions on the HoloLens will be duplicated on the tablet and vice versa. 

You can use Measure tool before or after model alignment. 

 How to measure the hologram:

  1. Open Auto-Fab > Tools > Measure tool.
  2. Select the 1st point using HoloLens or tablet.
  3. Select the 2nd point using HoloLens or tablet.

How to select a point (Air-tap) on the HoloLens: 


1. Move your hand to have the hand ray over the dot to select. The dot will expand in size and turn green, when hovered:

       2. Once you hover over the point you would like to select, tap your big and index fingers. 

Measure in Fab-Assist|QC-Assist

In Fab-Assist/QC assist, the Measure tool works similar to the Measure in the 3D Viewer. Click here to learn more about the tools.

The flow would be the following: 

  1. Open Fab-Assist > Tools > Measure tool.
  2. Click on “Select the 1st Point” button on the left of the screen.
  3. Tap on any red point on the screen for the starting measure.
  4. Click on “Select the 2nd Point” button on the left.
  5. Tap on any red/yellow points to finalize the measurement. 

So, the main difference with the Measure tool within 3D is that you will select the points on your 3D model, by tapping on the screen.

Assembly info is a very simple tool that allow you, by using air-tap to select a part and check its information, such as name. 

The option is available for both Fab-Assist|QC-Assist and Auto-Fab|Auto-QC

For the HoloLens, the selection is duplicated, meaning that what you select on the Hologram will show up on the tablet and vice versa. 

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