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Before proceeding with alignment, make sure you placed and scanned QR target. Click here to learn more about it. 

To start aligning:

1. With the 3D model over the physical material, select the menu buttons to adjust the alignment.

2. Guide the model precisely over the material.

3. Begin the alignment at the front end where the QR code was placed, and move around the material to make adjustments.

We recommend the following workflow:
  • Side View (Front End)
    • Adjust the model up/down until it aligns with the material;
    • Adjust the model forward/back;


  • Front End
    • Move to the end view of the material and adjust Left/Right;
    • Incrementally rotate the material (roll), if required;


  • Back End
    • Move so that you are looking down the material toward the target end;
    • Adjust the yaw, tilt and scale of the assembly keeping in mind that the pivot is under the target.

Print this PDF guide to help you remember the steps:


Tablets and mobile devices have different levels of accuracy, which depend on the quality of the sensors.  The tablet should be used as a guide only. If greater precision is required, consider using the Hololens 2 device. 


When the alignment is done, you can proceed with the rest of the steps described here.

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