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After you placed Artificial Feature magnets and scanned the QR code, there will be a prompt to map the area, which is a necessary step to begin alignment.

The mapped range is 30 feet by 6 feet, within which perspective will be good and precise. 

So, please map and work only on 3 sides of the assembly. Technically, you can map and use all 4 sides, but there are chances that the result will be much less accurate.

Here are examples of your possible 3 sides working area: 

While mapping the area, the camera is looking for the unique features of the area to mark and remember them. It captures the initial data, so the system will remember its environment when you walk around.

Map the area, pressing on the mapping button that will appear as a prompt. 

Map the range 30 feet by 6 feet, as mentioned above.


Do not leave the area of the QR target before you click on the Mapping button. If you want to move away from target, you have to start mapping the area first. 

If you want to work on the other side, you need to clear the map and map the opposite side.

To do so, please click on Tools > Clear the map & Start Remapping

If for some reason you need to pause or continue remapping, you can also click on the button Start/Continue mapping on the left.

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