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To have access to all of the latest features, make sure to keep your Fabstation app up to date.

1. Connect to Wi-Fi: 

Make sure your iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network. An internet connection is required to check for and download updates.  Open the Settings app and tap “Wi-Fi” to find and connect to a wireless network.

2. Open the App Store: 

Look for the App Store icon (white A with a blue background) on your home screen or App Library. 

3. Search for Fabstation

Tap the Search button (magnifying glass icon)

Type “Fabstation-steel” in the search bar and tap the app. 


4. In the app details screen, you’ll see either “Open” or a cloud with a down arrow.

  • “Open” indicates the app is up to date. 
  • The cloud with a down arrow means an update is available. 
5. Update the App.
Tap the cloud with a down arrow to start the download. Once the download finishes, the cloud icon will change to “Open.” 

6. Tap “Open” to launch the updated version of FabStation!


Need to update the HoloLens as well? Click here.

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